Learn to Play Craps – Tips and Strategies: Demeanor and Folklores

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Sadly, a craps table is normally filled with superstitious people. If you do or state something contrary to their absurd beliefs, they often cast you dirty looks or verbally assault you. To help prevent embarrassment, ridicule, and possible vocal arguments with these people, understand their superstitions and administer craps deportment. I know it’s foolish to play along with player’s silly superstitions, but you will have much more excitement at the table if you do.

Using good conduct includes remembering to be nice to the dealers. Do not aggravate them by tossing chips at them, banging into their stacks of chips, or blaming them for your defeats. If you tick off the dealers, how will you maximize your excitement? Besides, it simply is not nice. Your accommodating behavior will be contagious, before long making the entire table more fun.

Regardless of what these "dice doctors" and "craps kings" publish on their web sites, there’s no such thing as a "sane" craps belief. One folklore is not any more sound than another. They’re all the same–bizarre. But you must abide by them or the fools at the table who really trust in them can cause your experience at the craps table horrible.

Abiding by a number of the idiots’ superstitions has matured into established standards at the craps table. Accordingly, you have to know and have knowledge of them. That is an additional requirement to learning the secret to craps. Develop into a well-informed player. Gain knowledge of the secret to craps.

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