Understand to Bet on Craps – Hints and Tactics: Don’t Throw in the Towel

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Through out your craps-gambling life, you will likely have more non-winning sessions than winners. Go along with it. You must understand how to compete in reality, not in fantasy land. Craps is designed for the gambler to lose.

Suppose, after two hours, the dice have whittled your chip stack down to 20 dollars. You haven’t observed a hot roll in a long time. Although squandering is as much a part of craps as being victorious, you can’t end up but feel lousy. You ponder why you even thought about coming to las vegas in the first place. You were solid for 2 hours, but it didn’t work. You are looking to win so badly that you fritter away control of your clear-headedness. You are down to your very last 20 dollars for the session and you have absolutely no fight remaining. Leave!

You must never give up, never bow out, never believe, "This sucks, I am going to lay the remainder on the Hard 4 and, if I am defeated, then I will head out. On the other hand should I succeed, I will be back where I began." That is the stupidest thing you can perform at the conclusion of a non-winning day.

If you can not acknowledge not winning, you have no reason to be gambling. If you can not accept not winning a distinct session, then walk away from that game and cash out. Do not piss your $$$$ away on a horrible bet hoping to make it large and win your cash back in one wager.

If it’s an awful session and you lose a lot rapidly, then acknowledge defeat and cash out with the 10 dollars, 15 dollars, or 20 dollars that you have left. Take that leftover twenty dollars, have a beverage in the bar, enjoy the band. Play the money in a five cent electronic poker game and maybe hit a 1,000-coin jackpot for $50. Place it in your wallet, find your other half, and spend some time with them. Don’t give up. Do something other than piss your cash away on a losing proposition wager. Don’t toss in the towel.

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